SUP Tour – Benagil

Tour Details

The tour starts at Benagil Beach (Lagoa), and is suitable for all people, with or without experience, above 12 years of age.

This activity is ideal for adventurers looking for a fun activity that allows them to explore, in a unique way, the famous caves of Benagil.


The tour starts with a brief lesson on the beach and after everyone is equipped, we get into the water and start training the first strokes.

When everyone is comfortable, we start the tour exploring the various caves and secret beaches that exist in the Benagil area.

During the trip, the passage through several sea caves and rocky arches is included, a stop for rest on beaches only accessible by sea and finally a mandatory stop in the famous "Algar de Benagil".

Covid-19 preventive measures:

Upon arrival, it is mandatory to follow the rules of social distance and hygiene, including the use of a mask and hand disinfection. Before entering the water, customers can remove their masks, as they will be isolated on their board.

50.00€ 02:00 hours

  • SUP Tour – Benagil
  • SUP Tour – Benagil
  • SUP Tour – Benagil
  • SUP Tour – Benagil
  • SUP Tour – Benagil

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